The anterior cage implant is manufactured from PEEK material which is a thermoplastic solution compatible with the body and which causes no artifact and compatible with MRI for in-vivo applications.

The cage system manufactured with rigid, bladed and expandable alternatives;

  • It is designed for different uses such as Straight (0° ) Anatomical (Lordosis Angle).
  • It has a wide measurement range designed according to heights starting from 4mm increasing 1mm until reaching 8 mm and 12×14 mm and 14×14 mm external dimensions.
  • It has a special threaded structure which causes the implant to be stabilized in the application area.
  • It has big graft holes in order to provide maximum fusion.
  • The Cervical Bladed Cage system has a threaded and bladed system structure which provides one to one coherence to Superior and Inferior surfaces. The bladed cage mechanism has sharp and wide surfaces in order to hold inferior and superior end plates.
  • The functional and reliable application sets which facilitates the application are designed and manufactured to facilitate the surgical application and also the comfort
    of the patients.