CEREBRO Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) system is designed to be used for open or minimally invasive surgery on lumbar region and it is manufactured from radiolucent PEEK material. The implant, without sharp edges, is designed to use with its easy handled and robust holder allowing controlled rotation during inserting and positioning. It has tantal markers which indicates the net position of the implant. Its anterior part is designed conically in order to facilitate its advance on inferior and superior surfaces during the placement of the implant.

The CEREBRO TLIF system has an implant variety for various different height, width, dimension, angle and lordotic configuration in order to correspond the variabilities of patient’s anatomy.

The CEREBRO TLIF system includes a special thread design which blocks its movement after the placement. Providing a large space for graft use is an other one of its advantages.