CEREBRO XLIF interbody fusion cage system is designed in a way to be implanted through a minimally invasive procedure from posterior lateral. The parts forming the system is manufactured from a Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V – ELI) compliant with interbody application and from PEEK material which is a thermoplastic solution and which causes no artifact and compatible with MRI for in-vivo applications.

CEREBRO XLIF Cage system is placed in a straight way by using an inserter and than once inside, it is ensured that it is placed on the extent by gathering it under a square form on disk cavity in order to fit it completely to the circular area of the corpus through expansion. With its graft hollow structure it provides a total fusion.

CEREBRO XLIF Cage system has a range dimension scale in accordance with its purpose and area of use and it is designed in a way to be applied from the right or left hand side posterior laterally or extralaterally.